About Us

Obsessed Cosmetics & HUSH Apparel

Here, our team aims to produce the best quality products for all of our amazing customers! The Obsessed team works hours in and out creating new things that people will love. We have so many amazing ideas and products in the making what will they be?

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Please allow 1 – 5 working days for your orders to be processed through our system, made and be packed for shipping!

Once your order is ready, it will be shipped via your chosen shipping method.

We currently don’t offer a next day shipping service, however this is something which we are looking into for the future.

All sales here are final.

We are not responsible for any orders lost once they are shipped from us. However please do contact us if your order doesn’t arrive.



Us here at Obsessed are Not responsible for any personal damages or injuries sustained using our products.

We advise that you use glitter at your own digression – glitter when used safety can be used to enhance features and give you that extra little sparkle. Used in the correct manner you wont have any problems ( however not everything is 100% in life) Glitter shouldn’t be applied to the water line! If any irritation was to occurs then remove instantly. Glitter is a BIG in the cosmetic industry and can be used in so many ways to create thousands of inventive looks and glam. We stress that you use glitter at your own risk and to use common sense when applying.


Our Goal

To make sure everyone has a SPARKLE! As a brand we aim to provide everyone with amazing quality products for affordable prices, whilst pushing for equality for Men and Women in makeup.